Puppy Play

They keep growing! How does that happen? They got new collars on Friday and some are already too tight. Their personalities are starting to become more recognizable too. Chief is big and lazy and happy. He’ll wrestle with the bunch or curl up on your lap. I have a feeling he’d love to lie at your feet and watch a football game. Then there’s Biter. She’s feisty and full of energy all the time. She lunges for your pant leg, lunges for your face, unties your shoes. But blowing in her face, or redirecting her puppy teeth works well. She’ll figure it out. Then there’s Einstein, of course, the smartest dog that ever lived. I swear he already knows his name. He’s a little needy or maybe it’s just because we all think he’s special, so we pick him up a lot and cuddle.

The little rascals have claimed the garage as their playground. We covered the floor in shredded paper and there are cardboard boxes for them to chew on and wrestle around. Tina at Knotty Dogs http://knottydogs.com/ heard about the litter and donated some special little puppy rope toys. Usually, she puts treats in the knots, but she made some small ones without treats. The puppies prance around with them, shake their heads, tug with each other. Or lie down for a good chew. They’ve also discovered tennis balls. Their eyes are tracking movement pretty well, so they can follow the ball across the floor.

These guys will probably be ready for adoption in 2 weeks. It will be so good for them to get the right home. They’ll need lots of playtime and exercise. If you’re interested, fill out an application at the Petaluma Animal Shelter:


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