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This is the hardest part and the best part – saying good-bye to the puppies. I’m ready for them to start their lives, they’re ready to leave their litter and venture off into the great big world. They all have stellar homes to go to and I know they’ll have good lives.

Actually, the truly hard part will be saying good-bye to Lola. I’d keep every mom if I could, but then I’d have too many dogs to give anyone enough attention and love. There’s just something incredibly bonding about living with these dogs and helping them raise their babies.

Lola and I have shared something special. And foster care was her only chance at life. Pregnant dogs or moms with puppies often don’t make it out of our shelter system alive.

So. Now Lola needs a home of her own.

 Her official bio:

Lola came from the central valley, pregnant, abandoned. But she quickly left that story behind when she gave birth to 7 healthy, happy puppies. She raised her babies in foster care and was such a great mom. The puppies all have homes, now it’s Lola’s turn. Lola has been living with 3 other dogs and a cat, 2 teens and a busy household. She bonds quickly and with one person, but she will take direction from everyone.

Lola loves to learn new things and now that she’s no longer focused on her puppies, she’s ready for adventures. We think Lola is a retriever mix. She weighs about 40 pounds and is a medium-energy dog. She’ll enjoy 2 walks a day, then want to lie in the sun by your side. She hasn’t had much leadership in her life, so is used to making her own decisions. But she is extremely responsive to her care-giver and can be called away from chasing a bird or playing with other dogs – that’s a great sign for future training!

But we all know there is so much more to the story…I can’t wait to read the next chapter.

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