The Time is Now!

Ok, people. There are only 3 adorable puppies left. Your perfect dog could be, right this minute, sound asleep in my laundry room. Act now. For a limited time only – puppies!

It’s been interesting to see which puppies got chosen first. Someone wanted the biggest male. Another person wanted the fiesty female to go with her other fiesty dog. Someone wanted the runt. Everyone wanted a different puppy. So it’s not that the rejects are left. The 3 remaining puppies are very good choices. Actually, I may be biased, but there’s not a bad one in the bunch. Really. None of them is aggressive, none is shy, none is aloof. They’re all good dogs.

When we picked our malamute from his litter, my husband had a specific color in mind. I just didn’t want the biggest one. Turns out Floyd was perfect for us. Would any of them have been ok? Maybe. But I don’t think so. I think you choose the dog and the dog chooses you in some kind of reciprocal unspoken agreement.

So come on down to the animal shelter. See if your heart doesn’t melt when his eyes meet yours and his tail wags out of control.

There are only 3 left…

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